Ruosniemi Town Hill Center


What the heck is Town Hill Center?!

Pori is old seabed, in other words, there are hardly any elevation differences here. However, this hasn't discouraged the local mountain biking community, on the contrary, it has made us creative. Ruosniemi has long traditions as a mountain biking mecca, and it's understandable, as the Ruosniemi area has been blessed with an unusually large number of elevation differences, by Pori standards.

In the summer of 2020, local enthusiasts began actively building trails on the slopes of Ruosniemi. At times, that approximately 30 meters of vertical felt overwhelming to climb, and often you could hear the phrase on the slope: "couldn't we run that lift in the summer too?" The matter was investigated, and finally in March 2021, a mountain biking section was established under the Porin Slalom Club (Porin Slalomseura Ry). The section has one ambitious task: to establish, develop, and maintain the first bike park in Satakunta!

The project largely operates on a voluntary basis, which is a great strength. Cyclists with different backgrounds can express themselves when planning and building trails. What is lost in the height of the hill and the length of the trails is compensated for by versatility and creative implementations. The City of Pori also became interested about the idea to the extent that it granted the project funding from the "Rakkaudella Porilaisille" (With Love to the People of Pori) well-being fund.

And finally, the answer to the question: what the heck is Town Hill Center? Ruosniemi Town Hill Center is an ambitious project of mountain bikers from Pori. What drives the project forward is community spirit, creativity, twisted sense of humor, and an awesome group of people. The name is not a typo, although that would be possible too. The name is a testament to the self-irony of the people of Pori. The hill is located on the outskirts of the city, and nobody dares to call a bump of this size a downhill center. 

This is all and much more is Ruosniemi Town Hill Center, which at this stage can already be described with the most beautiful praise in Pori: not too shabby!