Ruosniemi Town Hill Center

Ruosniemi Town Hill Center is a cycling center specializing in lift-assisted mountain biking located at the Ruosniemi Ski Resort in Pori. The concept is similar to skiing, but instead of using a board or skis, riders descend the hills on mountain bikes. Cyclists are transported to the top of the hill using a familiar anchor lift, similar to those used in skiing. The popularity of mountain biking has been steadily increasing in recent years, leading to the development of similar solutions in many other ski resorts. With this project, Ruosniemi Town Hill Center becomes the first Bike Park in the Satakunta region. 

During the summer, a diverse range of downhill mountain biking trails is built on the hillside. The starting point for designing these trails is to cater to children and young people, ensuring that riders of all skill levels can enjoy them. The motto of the project is "Something for everyone." Even the easiest trails can be navigated without a mountain bike. However, proper protective gear is essential when heading down the hill. On the other hand, there are also trails built on the hillside that challenge even the most experienced mountain bikers. On the hillside, there will also be a practice area suitable for complete beginners. This area features a magic carpet lift, which is free for all users. In the fall of 2022, a pump track was completed in the area, catering to enthusiasts of all levels and available for free use year-round. During the summer, beginner training sessions related to lift-assisted mountain biking will be organized, teaching the fundamentals of mountain biking.

The Town Hill Center project is being driven forward by a group of mountain biking enthusiasts from Pori, under the auspices of the Porin Slalomseura ry (Porin Slalom Club). The goal is to create a larger entity in Ruosniemi that utilizes not only the downhill trails on the hillside but also the extensive and popular trail network in the nearby forest areas. The project has been granted funding from the "Rakkaudella Porilaisille" (With Love for the People of Pori) well-being fund by the city of Pori.

Within the main building of the ski resort, there is also a bicycle and protective gear rental service. This setup allows anyone interested in the sport to easily and affordably try mountain biking on the hills or in the surrounding area with the proper equipment.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of bike do I need for downhill riding?

To get the most out of Ruosniemi Bike Park, a fully suspended enduro-type mountain bike with 150 – 190 mm of travel at both ends is recommended. Generally, it can be said that a bike with 150 – 190 mm of suspension travel can handle almost everything that Bike Parks in Finland offer. If your riding mainly focuses on machine-built trails, downhill tracks, and/or riding medium to large jumps, a downhill bike with 200 mm of suspension travel can be recommended. However, the downside of a downhill bike is that it usually performs quite poorly on enduro-type trails. The bike should ideally have at least rim brakes, but we recommend hydraulic disc brakes. Less suspension or rigid bikes can also suffice, but the forces exerted on their frames are often significantly higher than on longer-travel bikes. Therefore, they are not typically recommended by manufacturers for riding in Bike Parks. Children often find less suspension adequate. If you're unsure about the suitability of your bike, it's best to inquire with the bike's seller or manufacturer. You can also seek advice from the Bike Park staff. If needed, you can rent a bike and equipment from us in advance, tailored for your intended use here.

What kind of equipment do I need for downhill riding?

Wearing a proper helmet is an absolute minimum requirement for riding downhill. For riders under 15 years old, we require the use of a full-face helmet with a chin guard. Riders over 15 years old can also choose to ride with an open-face helmet at their own discretion. However, for their own safety, we strongly recommend that all riders wear a full-face helmet while riding downhill. In addition to a helmet, we highly recommend the use of knee pads, as knee injuries are almost inevitable in the event of an accident. To prevent potential personal injuries, the use of chest/back protection is also recommended. For downhill riding, we also recommend using flat-bottomed shoes for optimal pedal grip. Good purpose-designed shoes are available from brands such as Five Ten, Leatt, and Etnies. If needed, you can rent all the necessary equipment for downhill riding from us either as a package or individually (excluding shoes). You can see the rental prices for equipment here. You can pre-book equipment rental shop.

How is the lift used?

At Ruosniemi, using the lift is primarily based on self-service principles. Before getting on the lift, it's advisable to lower the saddle as much as possible, so the tow device stays better beneath it. On the starting platform of the lift, sit on the bike with one hand on the handlebar. With the other hand, grab the tow device and place it behind the saddle post, underneath the saddle. The lift doesn't start pulling immediately, so there's no rush on the lower platform. When the lift starts pulling, it's good to hold onto the tow device with one hand and press it "inward" at the same time to prevent it from slipping out. During the ascent, it's advisable to continue steering with one hand while holding onto the tow device with the other. When exiting the lift, wait until the bike clears the top platform's "bump" and the tension eases, then pull the tow device out calmly remove the tow device from behind the bike and set it aside. If using the lift is intimidating or if there are any difficulties, you can ask for assistance from the Bike Park staff. The staff at the center are happy to help with handing over the lift's tow device. For the youngest members of the family, you can inquire at the ticket office about borrowing a "Shotgun tow rope," which is especially useful for towing a smaller rider accompanied by a parent to the top of the hill. The staff can provide guidance on how to use the tow rope if needed. Below is an instructional video on using the anchor lift in the Bike Park.

The video demonstrates how to use the anchor lift, featuring Elise Kulmala and Petra Karasti. Source: Puss Camp Youtube channel.

I have little to no experience riding in a Bike Park. What should I consider, and which trail should I start with?

Before heading downhill, it's important to check your bike's settings. Pay particular attention to the functioning of the brakes. Lowering the saddle as much as possible also makes using the lift easier and facilitates weight transfer on the bike while descending. When riding downhill, remember that riding happens on the bike on standing position at all times.. For this reason, it's important to first learn the proper standing position before starting downhill. Riding should be done standing on the pedals at the bike's center, with legs and arms slightly bent, body relaxed, and eyes focused ahead. For your own safety and the safety of others, it's also good to internalize the Bike Park rules below. We recommend beginners in the sport to participate in Bike Park courses held during the summer. In these courses, participants learn how to use the lift, proper riding stance, and basic riding techniques. For more information about the courses and to participate, you can visit here.

The trails in the Bike Park are classified according to difficulty level with color codes, where green is beginner, blue is easy, red is intermediate, and black is expert. We recommend rider with little experience to start with trail No. 2, "Possujuna" (Piggy Train). Possujuna is a beginner-level trail that doesn't contain surprises. It's suitable for learning basic riding techniques. As skills improve, speed can be increased easily by using brakes less. Possujuna often serves as a warm-up trail for more experienced riders as well. We recommend mastering the easier trails first before progressing to more difficult ones. Always remember to carefully familiarize yourself with the trail on your first descents. For absolute beginners and especially for the youngest adventurers in the family, we recommend the practice area at the center. The trails in the practice area are very gentle, making it an excellent place to start learning the sport. The practice area features a magic carpet lift, which is free for everyone to use during the center's opening hours. You can familiarize yourself with the trail map, trail types, and other features of the trails here.

Is it allowed to ride outside of opening hours?

All trails at Ruosniemi Town Hill Center are freely accessible 24/7. If you ride outside of opening hours, please keep a few things in mind: 1) There are also many other outdoor enthusiasts in the area, so please consider other users while riding, 2) Cyclists always have the obligation to yield to other users of the area,3) Bike Park rules must be followed even when the lifts are not operating, 4) special caution must be exercised when riding the trails.

The Ruosniemi Trail Crew also actively maintains the Bike Park trails outside of opening hours, and occasionally trails may be closed due to maintenance needs or safety reasons. Riding on closed trails or moving obstacles set on the trails is strictly prohibited! If you notice any clear faults or maintenance needs on the trails, please inform the Bike Park staff.

Can I pay with sports benefits?

In addition to cash and most common credit cards, we also accept Smartum, ePassi ja Edenred. If you want to pay with the aforementioned sports benefits, select Service Provider from the app Ruosniemi Town Hill Center, enter the amount and show the receipt to the ticket seller.


Bike Park customers are not insured by the service provider. Ruosniemi is a member center of the Finnish Ski Area Association (SHKY), and therefore we adhere to the general terms and conditions for Bike Park services agreed upon by SHKY and the Consumer Ombudsman. You can read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. As a characteristic of the sport is speed, and as speed increases, so does the risk of injury, despite protective gear. For this reason, we recommend considering the purchase of appropriate insurance for the sport.

Do you organize activities for groups?

We can arrange tailored activity packages for groups of friends, businesses, or any other group. For example, you can go on a guided tour with your group in the nearby area or come downhill riding, or combine these activities into one package. We can also arrange private lessons for you or your group. We provide the necessary briefing, bikes, and equipment for your chosen activity. More information about group activities here.

Bike Park -rules

1. Check the functionality of your equipment. Always wear a helmet. Other protective gear is recommended.

2. Choose the trail and speed according to your skill level and the conditions. Familiarize yourself with the trails' features in advance. Use alternative routes if necessary.

3. Pass other users on the slopes from a sufficient distance. Always yield to those coming from above and behind.

4. Stay on track, do not deviate or take shortcuts.

5. Stop at spots where you can be easily noticed. If returning uphill, climb outside the trail.

6. Be mindful of yourself and others!

7. Movement on the trails under the influence of substances is prohibited.

8. You always ride at your own risk.

9. It is everyone's duty to assist in case of an accident. Report accidents to the staff immediately.

10. Always follow signs and staff instructions. Staff reserves the right to remove a lift pass from anyone who does not follow the Bike Park -rules.

ATTENTION! The entry requirement for the anchor lift for those under 15 years old is a full-face helmet.

You can reserve a full-face helmet in advance rental -page.

Terms and Conditions of the Bike Park

We adhere to the general terms and conditions of the Finnish Ski Resort Association for Bike Park services. You can read the terms and conditions through the link below.