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Trails 2024

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Trail difficulties


A trail designed for beginners. Firm and smooth surface. Easily passable bumps and banked turns. No surprises.


Similar to the beginner trail, but more challenging and faster-paced. May include small tabletop jumps and easy steep sections.


Includes challenging elements and fast-paced sections. The surface of the trail may be slippery, loose, or very uneven. The most difficult elements can be bypassed.


A challenging trail that requires skill and experience. The most difficult elements are usually not bypassable. Always inspect the trail carefully before riding.

Trail types

A flow trail is a trail where one doesn't need to pedal to increase speed to reach the end of the trail. A flow trail is typically machine-built, wide, smooth, and fast-paced, which may include various Bike Park elements such as drops and jumps.

An enduro trail is primarily downhill, utilizing natural terrain features and characteristics, and usually contains very few built, flow-trail typical elements. The trails are more technical and physical than flow trails. The route may also include gentle uphills and other pedalable sections.

A freeduro trail combines elements of both flow (freeride) and enduro. The trail may include all typical elements of a flow trail and familiar technical sections from enduro. The route may not always descend downhill; in some sections, riders may need to pedal to increase speed.

Video of the trails of season 2023

Bike Park- dictionary


A berm is a banked turn made from soil or wood.

Tabletop jump, table

A tabletop jump is, as the name suggests, a jump with a flat top surface between the takeoff and landing, resembling a table. A tabletop jump in a bike park is a great spot to practice jumping with a bike and airborne bike control.

Gap-jump, gap

A gap jump is a jump where there is empty space between the takeoff and landing. Gap jumps are common features on black-marked trails. They may also appear on red trails, but they are usually bypassable. Before attempting a gap jump, it's recommended to first practice jumping and bike control in tabletop jumps. 

Step up

When referring to a step-up jump, it means a jump where riders jump from a lower level to a higher level. The landing of such a jump is typically fairly shallow in gradient. Usually, there is also empty space between the takeoff and landing. Such jumps can be found on red or black trails.

Step down

When referring to a step-down jump, it means a jump where riders jump from a higher level to a lower level. There is empty space between the takeoff and landing of the jump. Such jumps can be found on red or black trails.

Shark fin

A shark fin refers to a banked jump. There is usually empty space between the takeoff and landing of the jump. Such jumps can be found on red or black trails.


A drop is an obstacle on a trail where riders descend from a higher level to a lower level. Drops on a trail can be natural formations or built from wood. Drops are typically features found on red and black trails, but small drops may also be present on blue trails.


Off-camber refers to a situation where a part of the trail surface is tilted or sloped. 


A pump is typically a rounded mound made from the ground on a trail, used to maintain or increase existing speed. This process is known as "pumping." In pumping, the rider utilizes their body weight, pressing the bike against the ground on the downward slope of the mound, thus generating more speed.


A double is a formation consisting of two pumps in succession. The sizes of these pumps may vary significantly. There's also the concept of doubles. In double jump, the rider can choose to either ride through the jump by pumping or attempt what's called "doubling," which involves jumping from the first pump to the second pump.


A pumptrack is a track on flat ground consisting of pumps, doubles, and berms. In a pumptrack, speed is "pumped" up continuously from one feature to the next, allowing riders to theoretically maintain speed indefinitely with well-timed pumps. Pumptracks are suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels, providing an excellent place for beginners to practice balance and bike control.


A wallride, as the name suggests, is a wall that riders ride along. Vertically, a wallride is slightly inclined. It's typically constructed from wood and can be straight or curved laterally.